V-Beat AirDrums

V-Beat AirDrums

The Silverlit company has come up with a clever solution for anyone who wants to lay down some rhythms, but has no room for a drum kit.

With different sound styles and pre-programmed rhythms as well as an instructive guided learning feature, these slick sticks are an awesome way to make some noise. Motion sensors in the sticks detect the beats without any need for you to actually hit anything with them.

Here’s a video clip of the V-Beat AirDrums in action:


  • Three play modes
  • Free style (free playing)
  • Easy go (play pre-programmed rhythms)
  • Pop academy (guided learning step by step)

The Silverlit V-Beat AirDrums kit is available from the Thumbs Up UK website with the suggested retail price set to £29.99 (about $60 USD).

There’s also a Silverlit V-Beat AirGuitar for the guitarists out there.

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8 Responses to “V-Beat AirDrums”

  1. Totally amazing!

  2. S*it vad grymt

  3. Mark Alan Effinger Reply March 31, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Palmtree Instruments had developed and marketed this product in the 80’s. I’ve been searching for the last 5 years for it.

    Nice to see a resurgence of interest.

    To the rhythm-makers!

    Mark Alan Effinger

  4. Cool, I had no idea about that.

    Thanks for the info Mark!

  5. Great post. Thanx for sharing.I really enjoy it! looking forward to more.

  6. Happy to hear you enjoyed the V-Beat AirDrums post.

    Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

  7. I’ve tried them out once, they sucked, and they’re no way as good as real drums

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