USB Retro Arcade Controller

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USB Retro Arcade Controller

This USB-powered gamepad is capable of playing MAME arcade games and it also features an extra port, so that you can plug in your good ol’ Atari 2600 joystick.

Now you can have a joystick for your more modern emulated games, as well as a port so you can play those old Atari games properly.


  • USB Joystick, OS X and Windows compatible
  • Works with most software emulation packages
  • Added DB-9 port for Atari joystick capability!

USB Retro Arcade Controller

The USB Retro Arcade Controller is yours for $39.99 over at the ThinkGeek website.

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10 Responses to “USB Retro Arcade Controller”

  1. These USB retro arcade controller looks very stylish. They are compatible with Windows Vista too.

  2. Thank you folks for stopping by!

  3. Cool gamepad!!

  4. You’re kidding. I have this exact gamepad, except it’s purple instead of blue, the numbers on the buttons are white instead of coloured, and it doesn’t have the Tremon logo at the top. Otherwise it’s identical, right down to the DB-9 port in the back.

    Know how much I paid for it? $4.98 at The Source.

    Maybe I got lucky with the gamepad, but this is not the first time I’ve come across absolutely overpriced Thinkgeek junk. Not everything they sell is exclusive – if you find something there you like, chances are another website might have it at a much better price. It never hurts to take a look around.

  5. cool gamepad…

  6. All About Video Games Reply October 14, 2008 at 10:49 am

    I like very much, especially the Atari joystic functionality.

  7. Thanks for the tips, quixote23!

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  8. Very cool, thanks for the link Curt!

  9. That is not a retro USB controller, now THIS is the mother of all retro controllers, don’t get any more purist then this and they are really low priced. Not to mention, this is the same company that designed the Flashback 2 2600 console for Atari.

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