USB Power Strip

USB Power Strip

At first glance it looks like a regular power strip, but on closer inspection you can see that this is actually a USB Power Strip. It measures just 4.4 inches long, so it is easy to keep with your laptop computer, and it has 4 USB ports you can use the charge multiple items at the same time. Just like an ordinary power strip, this one has an on/off switch so you can turn off all the ports at once. This can help reduce energy waste by eliminating vampire power drain.

4-Port USB Power Strip

USB Power Strip

  • Power strip connects only USB devices
  • 3 foot long USB cable
  • Four ports so it can connect all your gadgets, or you and three friends
  • Great for travel: be the hero of your hotel room
  • Small enough to easily slip into your laptop bag

Purchase the USB Power Strip for just $9.99 at A very similar one is also available at

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2 Responses to “USB Power Strip”

  1. Does anything like this exist that actually plugs directly into a wall socket? ..and has a few more USB ports?

  2. i think one usb power strip with AC socket and many usb port is better.

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