The latest example of those weird USB products – a “cute and friendly-looking wise little owl that’ll bring a touch of magic and wisdom to any workspace”.

With a clip that allows him to perch on top of computer monitors, as well as an optional tree-stump that he can sit on, the USB Owl from Thumbs Up will blink sagely as he provides inspiration and watches over your work. He’ll also move his eyes around and rotate his head as if he’s either appreciating or rolling his eyes at your office antics.

Here’s a video clip of the USB owl in action:

The USB Owl will available from Thumbs Up starting May 5, 2008. The suggested retail price is set to £12.99 (about $26 USD).

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Robert Birming

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3 Responses to “USB Owl”

  1. Gadget - Coruja USB que não faz nada mas é linda Reply February 19, 2008 at 7:55 am

    […]Assista ao vídeo pra ver como ela é engraçadinha.
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  2. how can I have this owl usb?

  3. Rara, I suggest you ask the retailer (link included in the article aobove) to check where the USB owl is available.

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