USB Mirror Webcam

USB Mirror Webcam

Do you want to make sure you always show your best side during all those hours in front of the webcam?

Now you can, thanks to the USB Mirror Webcam ($49) from Thanko. The mirror is surrounded by white LED’s and the lens of the webcam is built-in in the middle of the mirror glass.

The page for the link above has been automatically translated, which gives you some webcam features you don’t see every day:

If the [ho] and others, the light/write it lights up, also expression of the face becoming bright, it is good impression even in the partner…

(Via Akihabara News)

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  1. The USB web cam is so cool. I don’t know why we haven’t seen something like this before now. I really have to invest in a usb web cam asap. I am also going to have to tell all my friends about it so they can check it out for theirselves. I think they will be just as impressed as I am. marketing girl

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