USB Microwave Oven – Smallest in the World

USB Microwave Oven

Beanzawave is the name of this brand new USB-powered gadget from the American food company Heinz. It is the world’s smallest, portable microwave oven.

This small but hot device, measuring 7.4(H) x 6.2(W) x 5.9(D) inches, is still only a prototype the technology required to make it into a real product exists. The price will be around $160 if Heinz ever does decide to make this USB microwave oven into something that you can buy.

USB Microwave Oven

Please visit the Mail Online website for more information about the Beanzawave.

(Fast Company via Gizmodo, Le Journal Du Geek and Geeky Gadgets)

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17 Responses to “USB Microwave Oven – Smallest in the World”

  1. Not sure I believe this is even a working prototype device. It looks like one of those USB cup warmers (which only use resistive heating) with a little cabinet built on top. There doesn’t seem to be any safety interlock for the door – I realise this might be because it’s a prototype, but I doubt it.

  2. Was this posted on April 1? A USB port can supply 5 volts at 500 milliamps. *Two and a half watts.*

  3. I seem to remember when the Onion sold a “USB Toaster” as a gag gift box.

  4. Phil E. Drifter Reply June 9, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Would be a waste to market it, I got the smallest, cheapest microwave I could find to replace my old one which was 13 years old when it died, and I got it for $60.

    Would be a supremely dumb idea to market this thing at $160 when one can get much larger items for 1/3 the price.

  5. ok wtf is with all the vias? but other than that this is the most amazing thing i’ve seen all week! though i don’t understand what is small enough to be microwaved in it

  6. How in the hell could a microwave powered by a measly 5v 500ma do any real heating?

  7. LOL thats so jokes

  8. That’s too small, can’t put a real mean in there. Not even microwaveable popcorn.

  9. Perhaps possible Reply July 4, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Although true that 2.5 W would be incredibly useless, Maybe it can charge power, would look bigger though… definitely a joke

  10. is that safe? having a microwave near a computer?

  11. Wow, that would be soo cool. Though am I right in saying you could only cook beans? You couldn’t fit a tray in there and grill bacon or anything could you?

    Great review. As always!

  12. i would definitely purchase this if it came out to market

  13. No way! A normal household microwave runs at 800 watts, and you can barely get 5 watts out of a USB port.

  14. Guys I think you are missing the concept.
    While you are right that a USB port cannot supply enough power to heat food at a reasonable rate using microwaves in real time, over a longer period it can supply enough power to do just about anything.

    This microwave has rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries in the bottom end of it. This allows the device to use nearly as much current as it wants at any given time, while the USB port simply keeps the batteries charged. Most of the time the device will be plugged in and NOT microwaving anything. The LiPos act as a buffer. Not only that, but you can unplug the unit and take it with you wherever you want. (that’s why there is a handle on the top.) That said, don’t expect to make popcorn with this device, it simply isn’t made to do that. It won’t have the power.
    The thing is simply too small to be able to safely house any form of electronics that can handle the current required for that. For a device this size to have that power, it would require about 300v DC. This would be about 81 separate lithium polymer cells for nominal voltage. At that point the device would be extremely dangerous and would require significant waterproofing to be safe. It is possible, but it would be expensive!

    However if you need to heat food up on the go, or while at your desk, this would be perfect.

    If the device is ever sold I would buy one!

  15. this will never work, the maximum load a usb port can 2.5 watts, that will never ever heat somthing, my 800w microwave takes ages cook, this at max will be 320 times less than an average low power microwave.

  16. why is it that no one reads the artical but just looks at the picture… THIS MICRO WAVE IS BATERY POWERED the USB is for Charging only most people know that a usb port wont opperate a microwave… but charge a battery.. well every one knows it can do that just fine. the day people start reading the artical first is the day people stop complaining…..further more this uniot could find a nice place in the market in btween truckers and RViers to collage kidds

  17. this little microwave doesn’t need 800 watts. it isn’t cooking a tv dinner. it’s only big enough for a cup-sized snack. how many watts does it take to warm up a cup of beans? not much.

    one thing Heinz overlooked. beans and office jobs don’t mix well.

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