USB Keypad with PS/2 Port

USB Keypad with PS/2 Port

If you don’t feel comfortable using a mouse with a built-in keypad, but still like having a separate set of numeric keys for your laptop, this product might be just the ticket.

The USB-powered keypad measures 113 x 73 x 10mm, features 18 keys and comes with a PS/2 port for plugging in a mouse or a keyboard.

The USB Numeric Keypad with PS/2 Port ($12) is available at USB Geek.

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3 Responses to “USB Keypad with PS/2 Port”

  1. Does this keypad have a backspace key? I cannot tell from the photo. Also, How much does it cost? Thank you.

  2. It looks like it doesn’t have a backspace key I’m afraid. The price is $12.

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