Classic USB Joystick – Now in Stores

Classic USB Joystick

Remember that cool Classic USB Joystick Controller that we wrote about here at GeekAlerts a couple of years ago. Well, a very similar product is now available in stores.

The iconic 80s joystick now plugs into your PC. Plays old games. Plays new games.

Product Specifications

  • Classic black 8-direction, one-button controller.
  • No drivers needed on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux
  • Works with classic console and arcade emulators including Stella*, VICE and MAME
  • Hackable! Want more buttons? Open the case — the circuit board supports two more!
  • Made in the USA

Classic USB Joystick

The USB Classic Joystick is available over at the ThinkGeek website for $24.99.

(Via OhGizmo and UberReview)

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