USB Cell Phone Booster

Cell Ranger - USB Cell Phone Booster

Cell Ranger is a USB powered device that will give 2-3 bars extra signal for any cell phone or 3G data card. Simply plug the signal booster into your computer’s USB port, place the antenna near a window, and start enjoying your new and improved reception.

Cell Ranger products contain a microprocessor that actively analyzes the signals that your cell phone is receiving. By comparing the signal strengths of different towers, the microprocessor self-tunes to the correct channels. This innovative technology means that Cell Ranger products are carrier friendly – they only amplifies the signals that your cell phone needs.

Cell Ranger - USB Cell Phone Booster

The USB powered Cell Ranger is available for $150 from, who also offers a 12V powered model for the same price.

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets)

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  1. Great information on Cellphones

  2. Its hard to explain this to people. This is a scam. Ive been to the website for this product. The owners of the website hide their identity. The product is not connected to the phone. It claims to improve the signal. All it could possibly do is interfere with your signal.

  3. I want to recharge my cell

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