USB CD Player for Retro Lovers

USB Roxy 2CD Player

This red retro looking CD player has the looks of the 60s and the technology of today, feating a USB 2.0 port that lets you connect and play your tunes from an MP3 player or flash memory drive.

• Sixties style look (red)
• 3- speed (33/45/78 rpm) turntable under hinged lid
• Can play any size record with lid closed
• Full USB 2.0 port connection
• Use MP3 players
• Use flash memory drives
• MW/FM PLL Radio
• Full function CD drawer stereo CD player
• Infra red remote control
• Extension speaker sockets
• Subwoofer socket
• Headphone socket
• LCD Display for all functions
• High gloss finish with chrome look trim
• Size: USB Roxy 2CD Player D 27.0cm x W 34.0cm x H 18.0cm

The USB Roxy 2CD Player is available for £149 (about $296 USD).

USB Roxy 2CD Player

(7Gadgets via Geeksugar and Gizmowatch)

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4 Responses to “USB CD Player for Retro Lovers”

  1. This is really cool!!

  2. I agree Karina, I love that mix of old and new. Cool color too.

  3. For sure, it’s cheeky in that colour – in a good way.

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