USB Aroma Diffuser LED Candle

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USB Aroma Diffuser LED Candle

This USB aroma diffuser simulates the flickering candle light effect using light-emitting-diodes, and can be filled with fragrance oil that is said to make you feel more relaxed.


  • It brings the way to enhance your living environment
  • LED candle illumination simulates the candle light effect
  • Built-in LED lights that flicker and glow just like real candle wicks
  • Natural fragrance design bringing Passion, Romance and Relaxation
  • No wax wasted; smoke free dispersing and environmental friendly
  • Powered by USB or 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimension: 87 x 84 x 75mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 121g

Here’s a short video clip showing the product in action:

The USB aroma diffuser is available from USB Geek ($22) and USB Brando ($25).

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4 Responses to “USB Aroma Diffuser LED Candle”

  1. This is very relaxing topped with a soothing massage..

  2. These would work especially well with no toxic soy candles since standard candles give off traces of carcinogens in their smoke.

  3. But… do LED’s generate enough heat to heat up the oil…?

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