Unicorn Poop Bubble Gum

Unicorn Poop Bubble Gum

Unicorns might be mythical and magical but they still have to go #2 every now and then, and that magical moment has been captured with Unicorn Poop Bubble Gum.

There are all kinds of poop-themed goodies out there, like the Pooping Polar Bear Candy Dispenser and the Pooping Bull Candy, but you can’t get much more innocent-sounding than Unicorn poop. I mean, come on, magical horses with glittery horns prancing around in the woods all day that poop rainbows? They sound so awesome that I’d eat their real poop… if they were real, which they’re not, so I’m totally safe with making such a gross bold statement.

Luckily, you can enjoy the mythical and magical poo without the ick factor by enjoying Unicorn Poop Bubble Gum for $5.95 from BaronBob.com.

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