Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

Just last week, my sister’s laptop was stolen right from under her nose. It was tucked into her trusty old black laptop bag which she placed beside her chair at the diner. The next thing she knew, it was gone. It was unfortunate but I’m pretty sure it probably wouldn’t have happened had she been using the Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve. Not only is it as creative as laptop sleeves can get, but it also adds an another layer of protection for your laptop.

The Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve looks like a wrinkly envelope that was handled pretty roughly at the post office. It’s also something that thieves and crooks looking for a quick pay day probably won’t stop to check because their sights are set on the things that look valuable at the outset: the leather briefcase or the laptop bag at the corner.

Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

You can secure that bag with a ball and chain, for all it matters, but what do you do when the whole bag or sleeve is taken? The Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve secures your notebook by obscurity; nobody would even think for a second that what’s actually in the ratty envelope is your top-of-the-line laptop.

Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

  • Tough tear-resistant and splash-proof tyvek exterior
  • Holds any laptop from 8 inches to 17 inches
  • Strong Velcro strips hold your laptop in place
  • Inner lining PE foam construction pads your laptop
  • Hide your laptop in plain sight!

You can get the Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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