Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock

Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock

The Irrational Numbers Wall Clock, along with the Chalkboard Pop Quiz Clock, the Math Equations Wall Clock, the Chemistry Clock and the Time Tower Desk Clock are all pretty complex clocks to have hanging on your wall. They’re certainly not clocks I’d like to stare at, especially if I had just had a really long day at work. You know, the kind of day that just leaves your mind blank, like when a television loses its reception, which is kind of what you get with the Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock.

To make things even simpler, this clock doesn’t even have any numbers on it at all, just colors. The entire round face is divided into twelve parts and looks like a multi-colored pie. It might take longer than usual to read the time off, but you’ll get used to it eventually. (Or you can just scribble the numbers on, if you want to.)

Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock

Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock

Presenting one of the flattest wall clocks on Earth! The Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock is a little over 1 centimeter (0.39 inches) thick, this and its spectacular design make it the only clock of its kind on the market.

Watching the clock at the office takes on a whole new meaning when you’re keeping time with this striking, colorful wall clock that’s sure to make you smile whenever you look at it. And, as if that weren’t enough, the Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock is also completely silent, so you won’t have to put up with that annoying tick tock sound other clocks make.

The Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock is available from Curiosite for $49.84.

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  1. What a funky clock, definitely one which fits nicely into a contemporary room. Really is unique

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