Type 39″ Clock

Type 39" Clock

There’s something about black and white busy patterns that bring our neurons to a standstill. This timepiece is called the Type 39″ Clock, but I’m convinced that it’s actually a device that turns humans into cross-eyed zombies.

Type 39″ Clock

Clock. 39″ dia. name the hour. Big-time graphic spells out the hours one through twelve in radial black typography powdercoated on white metal. Hands and rim are up to the minute in brite white. ‘Twould be a shame to put artwork like this under glass, so we didn’t.

  • Overscaled metal with black powder-coated graphic
  • White metal rim, hands
  • Requires three AA batteries (not included)
  • Wipe with clean dry cloth

Is there a subliminal message embedded in this thing? The clock hours are uniformly printed repeatedly in capital lettering, but each series of spelled-out hours appears in variable font sizes. The letters are written in rows of concentric circles with no spaces in between, thus creating a mesmerizing effect.

Though this clock isn’t as geeky as some of our other featured clocks, like the Frying Pan Egg Omelet Clock, Star Trek Warp Speed Clock, or Melting Shelf Clock, it has this quiet geeky, zombifying force about it. Its rather large diameter makes it ideal for covering a large chunk of space.

The Type 39″ Clock is $199 at CB2.

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