Twilight Supernova

Twilight Supernova

Who says you still can’t enjoy a round of golf at night? Sure, it might be hard to spot where your golf ball is at, but that won’t be much of a problem if you’ve got the Twilight Supernova in your pocket.

To make your golf night better all around, tote the Twilight Supernova around and use the G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool to carry whatever else you might need. Of course, you can just eliminate the need to use balls created especially for some nighttime playing by having a round or two during the day. But for golf aficionados who want one more game even when the sun has already set, then the Twilight Supernova will be a huge help.

Twilight Supernova

The Twilight Supernova is a professional-quality golf ball that lets you play the game even in poor light conditions. Because this stunning little number actually features built-in impact-activated LEDs. Just thwack it off the tee (or chip it out of a bunker) and it’ll flash 7.2 times per second for as long as 8 minutes – more than enough time to see where it goes.

What’s more, even when the LEDs have stopped flashing the Supernova’s patented After-Glow technology ensures the ball will continue to glow brightly for several hours.

The Twilight Supernova is available from Firebox for £29.99 ($46).

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