TV Alarm Clock Plays Game Show Themes

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Retro TV Alarm Clock with Game Show Themes and Remote Control

Fans of modern retro gadgets like the Telephone USB Hub and the iPod Speaker Dock Lamp can now “enjoy” waking up to the sound of classic game show themes with this alarm clock designed like an old TV.

It displays color changing text patterns that would easily get annoying while trying to sleep. Luckily it includes a remote for turning off the display among other things.


  • The clock has a TV test signal background like years of yonder, and it plays game show jingles
  • Made of durable plastic materials
  • LCD displays hour and minute, 12 hour format
  • Month and date display button
  • 4 different alarms
  • Three function buttons: Mood light ON/OFF button, Mode Button, Set Button
  • Remote control mood light ON/OFF up to 2 meter
  • Colorful flash mood light
  • A handle on the top for easy to carry
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries or 4.5V DC adaptor (both not included).

The Retro TV Game Show Alarm Clock with Remote Control ($19.99) from SourcingMap is powered using 3 x AAA batteries or a 4.5V DC adaptor (not included in the price).

(Via Coolest Gadgets, CraziestGadgets and GadgetsAlerts)

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