Turbocell AA Battery Powered Charger

turbocell AA battery powered phone charger

How many times have you forgot your phone charger or just realized that your phone battery is about to die?   If you are like the rest of, probably about a million times.  Well this simple Turbocell AA Battery Powered Charger might be the perfect fix for you.  It runs on a single AA battery and provide up to 2 hours of talk time for your cell phone.  It works with 9 different phone brands so you can share it with anyone else that may need a little juice for their phone.

turbocell AA battery powered cell phone charger

Turbocell AA Battery Powered Cell Phone Charger

  • Plugs into 9 different brands of cell phone 
  • Audiovox, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia
  • Samsung, Sony, Ericsson
  • Takes 1 AA battery
  • AlgorChip charges your cellphone’s battery safely without damage or risk of fire
  • Up to 2 hours extra talk-time per average AA battery
  • Includes flashlight plug in

You can purchase the very handy Turbocell AA Battery Powered Cell Phone Charger at ThinkGeek for $17.99 and at Amazon.com from $7.87.

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