Trumstand iPhone Dock


When you want the biggest and best and other iPhone docking stations like the Ozaki iUFO Dock and iPig Motion Dock won’t do, there’s the Trumstand iPhone Dock.  This made to order dock is crafted from brass, copper, and aluminum to provide you with ultimate sound quality.  Available in silver (nickel plated) or gold (powder coating), this Trumpstand is sure to add some classical styling and big sound to your home.

Trumstand iPhone Dock

‘But how does it sound?’ we hear you ask as you twang your braces and finger your touchscreen in anachronistic excitement. Well you won’t find any woofers or tweeters in the Trumstand because just like an antique gramophone the sound is generated purely from resonance created by the trumpety shape of the horn. Yes, there is a power cord but that’s only there to charge your gizmo when it’s docked. The sonic result? Amazingly vivid aural ambrosia with a hint of old-school gramophone warmth (and we mean that in a good way).Trumpstand iPhone Dock

  • Solely built from metal
  • Choose either Silver (nickel plated) or Gold (powder coating)
  • The product is made to order and therefore could take up to 6 weeks for delivery, please contact us for a more accurate date if urgent
  • Trumstand has an S shape horn based on the fluid dynamics and unique metal craft techniques, turning your iPhone into a horn speaker system
  • The 0.5mm thickness horn speaker guarantees the best sound binging alive all the music stored in your iPhone
  • Material: Brass, Copper, AluminumTrumpstand Docking Station
  • Base is made from a machined block of aluminum
  • Includes an idw manufacture certificate (lifetime global warranty)
  • Replaceable rubber absorber fits any iPhone
  • Measures approximately 23.5cm W x 55.6cm H x 39.2cm L
  • Weighs approximately 4.3kg (9.5lbs)

You can purchase the Trumpstand iPhone Dock at Firebox for £1499.99 with free delivery.

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