True Utility Nail Clip Kit

True Utility Keychain Nail Clip Kit

We understand that not everyone can carry around Giant Swiss Army Knives with them at all times. Alternatively, there are simpler all-in-one’s that’ll help McGyver your way through some of life’s technical difficulties. There’s the Kelvin 23 Super Tool for times when you don’t want to be a super tool and carry a big tool box, the portable Switch Modular Pocket Knife, and for keeping your nails trimmed, there’s this simple but elegant True Utility Nail Clip Kit.

True Utility Nail Clip Kit

True Utility Nail Clip Kit Best Bits

  • 5 tools to look after your nails
  • Strong, stainless steel design
  • Small and lightweight
  • Perfect for the toughest of nails

We all need to clip our nails, and occasionally we need to clip coupons, wires, and other random things. Keep the True Utility Nail Clip Kit in your desk, car, backpack, or pocket for emergencies. Don’t forget to remove it from your carry-on when traveling by plane, because you know it’s going to get confiscated and eventually become property of airport personnel.

This heavy duty Nail Clip Kit from True Utility can be found on for $13.50 and on Gizoo for £7.95.

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