TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

Carry your cards around in style and securely with the TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series. You might not be some CIA agent with ID and access cards that can access top-secret information, but I’m sure you probably have some cards with you that are of value.

The TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series keeps all of your cards securely in a sleek metal case while protecting it from dust, dirt, moisture, and electromagnetic radiation.

Anodized Wallet and Business Card Holder

TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

So if you fancy a high-spec holder for your high-tech cards, ditch the leather wallet and look no further than the TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series. This range of formed aluminum cases will hold all of your credit, debit, store and business cards; protecting them from dust, dirt and moisture. But more importantly, they’ll also keep your cards safe from electromagnetic radiation (the kind that wipes card data), illegal RFID-scanning and other outside influences.

The rugged aluminum design slides neatly into your pocket, bag, or briefcase and is resistant to all manner or knocks and bumps. When you need your cards, simply press the button on the front edge and the Razor will open.

The TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series is available from Firebox for £27.99 ($43.)

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