Tron: Legacy Action Figures

Tron Legacy Action Figures

Are you looking for some cool collectible action figures?  How about the Tron: Legacy Action Figures.  While opinions varied about the remake movie, everyone agrees that these deluxe actions figures are great.  With moveable limbs, suits that light up, accessories like Katana swords and the ability to say several phrases from the movie, they are sure to be fun for everyone.  Get yours and enjoying playing in a virtual world.

Tron Legacy Collectible Working Action Figures
Tron: Legacy Action Figures


  • Impulse Projection technology, 1x Identity Disc, 1x Baton
  • User instruction guide


  • Impulse Projection technology, 1x Identity Disc, 1x Katana sword
  • User instruction guide

Black Guard

  • 1x Identity Disc, 2x Batons, Detachable wings
  • User instruction guide


  • 2x Identity Disc, 1x Katana sword, 1x Light staff
  •  1x Battle Baton, 2x Batons, User instruction guide

Tron Legacy Rinzler Action Figure Packaging

You can purchase the Tron: Legacy Action Figures at Firebox from £14.39 with free delivery and at from $8.09.  Checkout these other cool action figures: Indiana Jones, Naruto, and Doctor Who.

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  1. I was wondering if the tron disk lights up?

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