TRON Headphones: Daft Punk Edition

TRON Headphones: Daft Punk Edition

These new Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY headphones, delivered together with a special surround-sound mix of the Daft Punk-engineered soundtrack, is the result of a collaboration between Monster Cable and Disney.

To create the futuristic headphones, Monster leveraged both its existing leading-edge sonic technologies and incorporated a variety of new innovations and technologies including:

  • Monster’s advanced studio driver design for ultra-precision surround-sound clarity
  • Extra-large over-ear drivers to deliver deep bass and thunderous low-end effects
  • LED Light Drive System used for the first time in Monster headphones to recreate TRON: LEGACY animated lighting effects
  • Advanced noise isolation technology that blocks external sound so users can remain immersed in music, movies and games
  • Removable boom microphone that can be placed on either side, giving gamers a useful edge while playing and conversing hands-free with opponents
  • Monster ControlTalkâ„¢*, which enables easy and clear hands-free calling

TRON Headphones: Daft Punk Edition

The Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY Headphones by Monster will be available with a suggested retail price of $349.95. Head over the BusinessWire for the press release.

Via some great gadget blogs: CrunchGear, Dvice, Engadget, Geeky Gadgets, Hardware Sphere, ipodnn, Nerd Approved, SlashGear, TechFresh, TNW Gadgets.

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  1. F!! 349$ dammit, i was so excited…. i would pay up to 150 though

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