Tron Cycling Jersey / Skinsuit

 Tron Cycling Skinsuit

We’ve seen some really cool cycling apparel lately, such as the Spiderman Skinsuit, Iron Man Jersey, and Star Trek Uniform Jersey.  However, this Tron Cycling Skinsuit (also available as just the cycling jersey) may be the best of the bunch.  Made by Podium Cycling, a company known for their quality cycling jerseys, you can be assured that this item is constructed from top-notch fabrics and printed with a full sublimation process that ensures the design never fades.  Skinsuits can also reduce your drag so you actually race faster, and you’ll definitely look like you’re going faster if you’re wearing one of these  Tron Cycling Skinsuits.

Inspired by Tron, this is the perfect skinsuit to make you look fast, even if you’re standing still, and the crowd will love you. You’ll look awesome in this detailed, sharp design, and feel the same with our quality cut and materials. This skinsuit has hours and hours of design put into it. Whether you’re out on a club ride, racing at your local crits, or doing a charity ride, this skinsuit will make you the talk of the ride.

The Podium Tron Cycling Skinsuit is available for $159.99 at  You can also buy the Tron Cycling Jersey and Tron Cycling Shorts separately.  This skinsuit would look especially cool if you had one of these Light Cycles to ride.

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  1. Do they have them for girls yet?

  2. If you go directly on podiums site they have them for women. its mixed in with the mens sizes

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