Transformers Grimlock Hate Push-Ups T-Shirt

Transformers Grimlock Hate Push Ups Shirt

The leader of the Dinobots has his primary weakness revealed on the Transformers Grimlock Hate Push-Ups T-Shirt, and Grimlock isn’t happy about it at all so don’t laugh at him.

You know being a Transformer automatically means you’re tough, but that macho-meter climbs even higher when talking about a Transformer that can turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Unfortunately, being modeled after a T-Rex does have one distinct disadvantage – small arms. It’s not a big deal until Optimus Prime decides the team needs to stay in shape with an exercise program.

The 100% cotton, navy blue t-shirt features Grimlock in dinosaur mode as he discovers one exercise in particular that he hates more than any other. Hopefully, one of his teammates will help him up.

The Transformers Grimlock Hate Push-Ups T-Shirt is available for $20 at

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