Touchscreen DAB Radio by Bush


Bush has announced a new DAB/FM radio that will be available for around $90. It’s called TR04DABBLK and features a glossy piano black finish and a classic 1950s Bush logo.

DAB/FM radio with a touch-sensitive control panel, with a two-line LCD display for showing scrolling song titles, artists and other information. You can store ten DAB and ten FM stations, or flick through all available stations alphabetically.

The radio goes on sale this month in ASDA, and will cost just £44.93.

(Radio Today, Tech Digest & Retro To Go)

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4 Responses to “Touchscreen DAB Radio by Bush”

  1. this is a novelty products, Great idea n approach.

  2. Yes, that radio sure looks cool. Thanks for stopping by, tsgee!

  3. What do you make of the report by Enders Analysis that said DAB Radio could be the next Betamax? Do you think DAB will survive? Lets hope so!

  4. I hope they will, but I’m really not sure that’ll be the case.

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