Top Shaped Coat Hook

Top Shaped Coat Hook

So I say, “Put your coat where your passion is.” If you’re really into social networking, then the Facebook Like Hanger will do the job for you. If you’ve got a thing with cursing (or with wanting to stop or at least curse less), then the Novelty Finger Hooks might be more to your liking. And if you’re a kid at heart who has always had a soft spot for spinning tops, then the Top Shaped Coat Hook is the hook for you.

You might not really be aware of this fact, but hooks are a bigger part of your day than you think. It’s the last thing you see when you grab your coat to head to work and the first thing you lay your eyes on when you get home from a long day. So why not put up something that will lighten up your mood and at least leave you with a good feeling? It’s all in the hooks, I tell you.

Top Shaped Coat Hook

The old-time classic wooden top you often played with as a child has now become anoriginal coat hook. Thanks to its tear-shaped form and curved body, this toy is a perfect and resistant coat hook. Comes with all the accessories you need to hang it on the wall. A row of top-shaped coat hooks will look great in your foyer.

Hang coats, handbags, scarves and help keep your room organized with this top… The only bad thing about it is that every time you see it you’ll want to grab a string, take the coat hook off the wall and spend the afternoon making the top spin. Those were the days!

The Top Shaped Coat Hook is available from Curiosite for $10.65.

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