Tootsie Roll, Blow Pop, & Sugar Daddy T-Shirts

Tootsie Roll T-Shirt

If you love candy and retro style, these Tootsie Roll, Blow Pop, and Sugar Daddy T-Shirts are perfect. Unlike many candy themed t-shirts, these are officially licensed for a totally authentic look. Plus they come in a variety of other designs for these candies, as well as many other classic treats including Tootsie Pops, Junior Mints, Dots, Charleston Chew, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, Sugar Mama, Sugar Babies, and Cella’s Cherries.

Blow Pop T-Shirt

If you’re young enough to go trick-or-treating, chances are you have a huge pile of candy right now. If you’re older, you may have extras that weren’t given away or perhaps your own children’s stockpiles to raid. And if you’re lacking candy, chances are you can find some being clearanced off cheaply at a local store. Yet eating all that candy isn’t good for you; the healthy alternative way of showing your love of candy is to wear one of these shirts.

Sugar Daddy T-Shirt

These Candy Theme T-Shirts are available from Adult short-sleeve tees are $21 (more for XXL and XXXL sizes), juniors shirts are $23, youth t-shirts are $19, and toddler sizes are $17.

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