Toilet Monster

Toilet Monster

Imagine your roommate’s or spouse’s surprise if they opened the toilet lid and found this Toilet Monster! This is a fun prank for April Fool’s Day and throughout the year. It easily attaches and detaches with suction cups and is nearly impossible to tell it’s there when the lid is down. This makes it easy to “scare the crap” out of an unsuspecting victim when they open the toilet lid and this green monster jumps out at them.

If the April Fool’s Day gags from ThinkGeek, Firebox, and LatestBuy such as the Facebook Status T-Shirt, Cardboard Bike, Minecraft Desktop Nether Portal, Lightsaber Popsicles, and PLAYMOBIL iStore Playset, have inspired you to pull your own pranks, this toilet monster would be a handy addition to your toy collection.

Toilet Monster

  • Green Toilet Monster
  • The green toilet monster is a GREAT prank to play on friends, family members and house guests.
  • Easily attaches within seconds.
  • Not recommended for the elderly or those with a weak heart!

The Toilet Monster is available for $11.77 at

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  1. This one could be fun at Halloween too! It would be fun if it had sound too…

  2. Could you please tell me the size about the toy? thanks

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