TMNT Vote Pizza Party T-Shirt

TMNT Vote Pizza Party T-Shirt

Political parties are so divisive, especially during election season. Democrats, Republicans; it would just be nice if these was something we could agree on. Perhaps on this day, we should all band together with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in support of the pizza party. Show your loyalty with the TMNT Vote Pizza Party T-Shirt.

While we all can agree a pizza party is a lot more fun than the Republican Party or Democratic Party, there can be disagreements over toppings. Fortunately, if you’re sharing a pie with Michelangelo, you can always choose different ingredients for your half.

TMNT Vote Pizza Party Shirt

Here at the office we don’t get into political debates about whether to vote with the Democrats or the Republicans. They are jostling for second place on our ballots. This year we are voting Pizza Party with the Ninja Turtles. The best thing about this political shirt is that no matter what happens in the future you won’t be embarrassed to wear this one!

Order the Vote Pizza Party Shirt for $20 at

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