Titanium Spork

What do you get when you cross Star Trek’s Mr. Spock and a fork? You get a Spork. Coincidentally, and with total logic, you get a Titanium Spork when you cross a fork with a spoon and then mix in some titanium.

This isn’t the typical spork you get from fast food restaurants; you know, the ones that break as soon as you dive into a pile of lumpy mashed potatoes. This is serious silverware right here. Made of light-weight, corrosion resistant titanium, the mighty Spork will allow you to dig into the heftiest meals without ever having to wonder if a fork or spoon is used when eating green peas.

Simplify your life as you simplify your silverware drawer. Get the Titanium Spork from ThinkGeek for $8.99.

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Marty Shaw

About Marty Shaw

Marty Shaw is a Texas-based writer, who is addicted to geeky gadgets and all things Doctor Who-related. When he's not trying to figure out a creative way to hitch a ride in the TARDIS, he imagines what it would be like to live through a zombie apocalypse as an uncool version of Daryl Dixon.

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  1. Seen it like it now waiting for it to come in the mail,.

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