Tiny Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charm

Tiny Pet Cactus

Just when you think you’re the first one to get the latest and greatest cell phone, grrrrrr! here comes ten others with the exact same one. It’s time to set your phone apart from the rest and personalize it with a mini cactus plant. The Tiny Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charm adds just the right amount of prickly attitude while giving off a subtle, “Hey, betcha don’t have one of these” vibes.

The tiniest cactus plant you’ve ever seen comes in a 1.75″ clear vial and grows in either an ocean blue or bubblegum pink medium. The charm has a detachable hook, so you can make it a piece of jewelry, a touch of elegance for your purse or man bag, or it could even be a Christmas tree ornament. Get creative with it.

Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charm

Pocket Plant

  • Tiny cactus in a jar dangles from your cell phone
  • Completely sealed – just needs love and sun
  • Available in blue and pink

You can purchase the Tiny Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charm for $7.99 at Think Geek. For a night out on the town, maybe you’d also like to deck the calls with the Mickey Mouse LED Light Bulb Cell Phone Strap.

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