Thermosensitive Pillows

Thermosensitive Pillows

I remember times when my mom would come barging into my room and ask me what time I woke up (and if I wasn’t already, then I’d get an earful.) There were times though, when I’d hear her stomping her way to my room and I’d just throw the covers off and pretend to be reading over my school books.  I don’t think I’d be very believable though, if I had one of these Thermosensitive Pillows lying around my bed.

The Thermosensitive Pillows change in color because of your body warmth. Hug it, lie on top of it, hold it with your hands, and watch the pillow change in color because of it. It makes for a fun gift, but if you need to cover your tracks about your sleeping habits, then you better keep it out of your bed!

Thermosensitive Pillows

Thermosensitive Pillows

This highly unusual innovation presents different colors when touched (black to green / blue, red to violet, burgundy to purple). Simply place your hand or body on the pillows and your natural heat will cause the thermosensitive layers to react. Only the touched area will temporarily change color; the original look will reappear within one minute. The pillows are available in two textures–Snakeskin (rigid) and Lambskin (smooth). Ideal if seeking unique, unusual presents.

The Thermosensitive Pillows are available from Opulent Items for $150.

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