Thermochromic Glux Putty

Thermochromic Glux Putty

If you enjoyed playing with Silly Putty as a kid, you’ll love Thermochromic Glux Putty. Even though it isn’t from the same company, Thermochromic Glux is essentially the new and improved Silly Putty II. It can still bounce, stretch, mold, shape, and copy things from the newspaper, but this super putty can do a lot more. Thermochromic Glux is actually heat and touch sensitive, so the color changes from orange to yellow when it warms as you play with it.

Thermochromic Glux Putty makes that other putty look silly by comparison. It stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, tears like paper, and changes color when you touch it. That’s right – it’ll do everything that other putty did and MORE. Addictingly fun to squeeze, shape, and play with, the thermochromic powers enable it to change from orange to bright yellow depending on its temperature. And it’ll still copy the funny pages… even though Calvin & Hobbes no longer graces them.

Thermochromic Glux

Product Specifications

  • Heat and touch sensitive color changing super putty
  • Like Silly Putty, but way geekier and cooler
  • Bounces, stretches, and copies things from newspaper
  • For Ages 5 and Up
  • Made in the USA

Order Thermochromic Glux Putty for $5.99 from ThinkGeek.

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