The Office Dwight Head-Shaped Mug

The Office Dwight Head-Shaped Mug

What’s the best way to wake up in the morning? Wrong, drinking coffee from The Office Dwight Head-Shaped Mug is.  Get a taste of what’s going on in Dwight’s head.  This Dwight Schrute mug is sure to put a smile on your face every time you use it.  Recall all those hilarious and sometimes crazy moments from the show when Dwight does the unexpected.  Do you remember when he raced out of the office to rescue Michael and his Foreman cooked foot? He crashed his car, got out of the passengers side all woozy, puked, then continued to drive off anyways.  Is anyone more committed to their boss?

The Office Dwight Schrute Head-Shaped Mug

The Office Dwight Schrute Head-Shaped Mug

The ego of Dwight Schrute, Dunder Mifflin’s eccentric paper salesman, is finally given the recognition it deserves with The Office Dwight Head-Shaped Mug.  Dwight often refers to himself as the “Assistant Regional Manager,” in an bald attempt to elevate himself to second-in-command to his boss, Michael Scott. He’s trained in the art of surveillance, has a purple belt in Goju-Ryu Karate, and is a former volunteer sheriff. He’s an aficionado of pop culture, science fiction, classic rock, and muscle cars. In his spare time, Dwight (along with his cousin Mose) runs majestic Schrute Farms, the number one beet-related agro-tourism destination in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Would Dwight drink his morning coffee out of a mug shaped like his own head? Of course he would!

You can purchase The Office Dwight Head-Shaped Mug at for $15.  Here are some other cool mugs: Laboratory Beaker, Shark Attack and Doctor Who TARDIS Mug.

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