The Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Wall Decals

The Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Wall Decals

Do you remember the awesome 8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Vinyl Poster Map? Well, The Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Wall Decals are another cool Legend of Zelda item that is sure to have Nintendo fans and Zelda fans excited.

There are eight different wall decals based on artwork from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Nintendo Wii U. Each is easily removable, officially licensed by Nintendo and perfect for your bedroom, game room, or even your office.

“We’re very excited to launch these new The Legend of Zelda graphics. You don’t have to be a Zelda fan,” says Blik co-founder, Scott Flora. “The products transcend video games. Zelda fans, gamers of all types and art lovers will appreciate the artwork in these stained glass decals. Like traditional stained glass, these colorful decals tell stories from The Wind Waker with six of the eight featuring the hero Link in various action poses using items he acquires in the game — Boomerang, Sword, Wind Waker – Gold, Wind Waker – Silver, Grappling Hook, and Hero’s Bow. The Helmaroc King stained glass decal tells the epic battle between Link and the evil bird while the Princess features Link with the Master Sword after he has defeated Ganon and saved Princess Zelda.

You can find all eight Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Wall Decals at Blik for $37 each. The eight designs: Zelda Wind Waker: Boomerang; Zelda Wind Waker: Sword; Zelda Wind Waker: Wind Waker – Gold; Zelda Wind Waker: Wind Waker – Silver; Zelda Wind Waker: Grappling Hook; Zelda Wind Waker: Hero’s Bow; Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King; and Zelda Wind Waker: Princess.

Zelda Wind Waker Grappling Hook Decal

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