The Fly Catching Burping Plant

The Fly Catcher

The Fly Catcher ($40) is your saver when you are fed up with flies (like there’s a time when you’re not). This plastic plant will simply lure them into its “mouth”, chew them up and re-open with a burp.

Check out the video demonstration of The Fly Catcher.

Each unit comes with a packet of non-toxic bait (more can be purchased as required) which is hidden inside the mouth of the trap. The bait attracts the fly, which crosses two sensors as it walks down the surface of the jaws. These sensors activate the jaws which then snap shut, killing the fly humanely.

(Via Accessoarfeber)

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3 Responses to “The Fly Catching Burping Plant”

  1. This is a cool fly catcher. My kids will get a real kick out of that thing.

  2. Does it really work?

  3. where oh where can it bought ??

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