The Emotional Response Puppy

The Emotional Response Puppy

I’ve wanted to get a puppy ever since I was a little girl, but it was near impossible then for me to go near one without sneezing around ten times every minute. My allergies and asthma has since tempered down, which is why I was able to get my own precious puppy a few months ago. If for some reason you or your child can’t get a real live pet, then the Emotional Response Puppy sure comes close to the real thing.

The Emotional Response Puppy looks, feels, and acts like a puppy. Depending on your actions, it will respond appropriately, be it a bark, a whimper, or several wags of its tail. Pat its head and tickle its underbelly; this pup is programmed to mimic the responses of a normal (and extra obedient) puppy based on how it perceives your touch or voice.

The Emotional Response Puppy

The Emotional Response Puppy

This is the plush puppy that mimics a real canine’s behavior when it feels a child’s touch or hears a sound. Beneath the puppy’s soft, furry coat are sensors in its paws, head, and back that, along with a built-in microphone, trigger lifelike canine responses when it is patted, tickled, stroked, or hugged. Depending on how it perceives the touch or sound, it opens its mouth while panting or barking, wiggles its ears, blinks its eyes, or enthusiastically wags its tail. The puppy’s actions are accompanied by any of 18 lifelike sounds, from a playful bark or a peevish grumble to a curious snuffle or a forlorn whimper.

The Emotional Response Puppy is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $99.95.

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