The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

I read Dan Brown’s book “The DaVinci Code” in one night and all I can say was that the story was truly gripping and haunting at the same time. One of the things that piqued my curiosity was the cryptex that Robert Langdon had to solve in order to get a message that was hidden inside it. I’ve always wondered what a cryptex looks like and how it can be manipulated; which is why I find The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex truly something that I’d want to own.

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex looks like a pretty complex object, but I have a feeling that it won’t be once you spend a few hours trying to figure out and understand its inner workings. Satisfy the puzzler in you with this cryptex and pass on the puzzle for someone else to solve by hiding a message in it before handing it off.

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robert Langdon? Or do you just need a nifty place to stash your valuables? Then get your hands on The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex.

Lovingly recreated – and scaled down – from the devilishly-clever lockbox in the movie, this high quality die-cast replica has been officially licensed and even works! Change the password as often as you like and store small items inside from jewellery to ancient scrolls.

  • Diecast with aged effect
  • Opens with a password
  • Change the password as often as you like
  • Store your notes, poems, jewellery, keys or other valuables

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex is available from Firebox for $64.

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