The Beard Beer by Rogue

The Beard Beer by Rogue

That overgrown facial hair known as a beard can do things like keep your face warm, but did you know it can also be used to make something to drink? The Beard Beer by Rogue offers a chance for your stomach to benefit from all those years one man refused to touch a razor to his face.

I can’t even imagine what made Brewmaster John Maier turn to his beard for inspiration when dreaming up a new alcoholic concoction so let’s just be content with the fact that he was weird brave enough to venture down a path few have walked.

This particular brand of Rogue beer lives up to its name because it’s brewed with yeast created from Maier’s beard. How ‘out there’ is this idea? It’s far enough out on the distant realm of imagination that the company had to issue a statement to let people know Beard Beer is the real thing and not some odd April Fool’s joke.

Whether you’re happy or horrified over the fact that hair isn’t actually in the beer, you can get Rogue Beard Beer for $6.75 per bottle at

(via That’s Nerdalicious)

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