Tetris Skull and Crossbones T-Shirt

Tetris Skull and Crossbones T-Shirt

With all the hit sci-fi TV shows, superhero movies, popular video games, and hip geek culture, there are always tons of cool new t-shirts out there. However, it has to be especially cool, clever, or innovative to make the cut and get posted here at GeekAlerts. I believe this Tetris Skull and Crossbones Shirt is worthy. At first glance from a distance you may just see a cool skull and crossbones design, but a closer look will reveal that this deft image is actually crafted from Tetris blocks.

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Tetris Skull Shirt

This shirt brings back memories. Ahh, the days of Tetris on the Game Boy. Everything was simpler then. For one, the world was greyscale.

Order the Tetris Skull and Crossbones T-Shirt from ThinkGeek. Sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large are $17.99. Size XXL is $18.99 and XXXL is $19.99. If you like Tetris, you’ll also want to check out this T-Shirt.

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  1. so when are guys giving one of these for free 😀

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