Ten Little Zombies

Ten Little Zombies

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that is both educational and fun for you and your entire family? The Ten Little Zombies is the perfect way to introduce young ones to the world of zombies.

Reminiscent of the classic children’s rhythm, Ten Little Indians, this 48 page book by Andy Rash has funny graphics to go along with all the zombie mishaps.

Ten Little Zombies is at its heart, a love story about two people trying to survive in this mixed up, wired up world of ours. Just kidding. It is a love story, but it’s just about some folks running from zombies. One by one, the zombies get destroyed, and one by one the pages turn faster and faster as you speed towards the end. Ten Little Zombies is an emotional rollercoaster of a tale – one you’ll want to ride again and again.

Ten Little Zombies Book

It’s 2012 and there is no time to waste. Start you kids off with the Ten Little Zombies Book in preparation for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse. Available at ThinkGeek for $6.29 and at Amazon.com from $4.14.

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  1. I LOVEEE this book i thought it was super cute. maybe thats just becase i have a soft spot for zombies <3

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