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Horror Garden Gnomes - Nightmare on Elm Street

Horror Garden Gnomes

Three of the scariest Hollywood villains tear their way off the big screen to fill your yard with nightmares in the form of these Horror Garden Gnomes. Leatherface, Jason, and Freddy want to make sure friends and family have a time to die for when visiting you, offering up their unique talents to insure [...]

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Plants vs. Zombies Lawn Ornament

If you are a fan of the Plants vs. Zombies games, take the game from the screen and transport it onto your lawn with this Plants vs. Zombies Lawn Ornament. Your lawn will be the coolest on the street. It might even help protect you when real zombies attack! Plus this peashooter and zombie are [...]

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Zombie Lawn Flamingo

Halloween has come and gone, but the end of the world is near. Make the zombies feel at home in your yard with the Zombie Lawn Flamingo. This plastic flamingo is down to his bones and should provide for a few good “looks” from the neighbors. The size isn’t listed, but several purchasers [...]

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Uncle Sam on a Tractor Wind Spinner

Uncle Sam Patriotic Tractor Spinner

It’s no secret that we at GeekAlerts love lawn ornaments, but we also love America too. What better way to welcome America’s birthday than to stake your lawn with the Uncle Sam Patriotic Tractor Spinner. With a healthy gust of wind, Uncle Sam’s tractor wheels will be set in motion and [...]

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Jurassic-sized Velociraptor Yard Statue

Yard statues serve a purpose. Some, like the Garden Zombie and Evil Harvest Scarecrow, are meant to scare and others like this Jurassic-sized Velociraptor Yard Statue are meant to intimidate. Sure it may be scary too, but when your nosy neighbor sees all 106″W x 24″D x 62″H staring at [...]

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Meerkat Garden Stake Statues

Meerkat Garden Stakes

Meerkats are some of the cutest little critters ever. Their behavior is very fascinating, too. They’re socially refined, they’re quick, and they’re the ultimate pros when it comes to looking out for predators. While most of us will never own a colony of meerkats as pets, you will be [...]

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Bigfoot Yeti Yard Sculpture

Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture

You’ve seen and liked the Garden Zombie Statue.  How about sticking the Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture in your yard.  It is sure to get more than a few looks from your neighbors and people passing by.  Spotting the real Bigfoot has never been easy, lets see how many of your neighbors spot this [...]

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