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Single Handed Barber

Single-Handed Barber

If you ever get the urge to save a few bucks by doing your own haircuts and don’t plan on getting wild with the styling, the Single-Handed Barber is the trimmer you’ve been waiting for… and that shaggy mop that’s touching your shoulders shows that it’s been a long wait. Most [...]

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Titanium Utility Ring

Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, the Titanium Utility Ring is something worthy of a classic Bond film. The ring features a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw and a tiny comb. The ring is 9mm wide and is made to your specific finger size. It has a brushed finish on the [...]

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Bluetooth Handset Gloves

As anyone suffering a cold winter will tell you, taking phone calls on a touch phone just isn’t the same in the winter. When your fingers are cold you lose dexterity in them and it’s downhill from there. The Bluetooth Handset Gloves will solve those winter phone blues by providing you with a [...]

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USB Squirming Tentacle

You won’t know true evil until you see it squirming around in your USB port. And that is what the USB Squirming Tentacle is all about. It’s as if Cthulhu were inside your computer and breaking free. It plugs into your USB port and wiggles and squirms, looking evil. You will be tempted to kill [...]

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DIY Useless Box Kit

Useless Box Kit

If you’re the type of Geek/Geekette that enjoys electronics and do-it-yourself kits, then you’ll probably appreciate the Useless Box Kit. As the name implies, the box is pretty much useless after completion, but you’ll enjoy building it and seeing the look on your friends faces when they [...]

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Bond 50 - A 22 Film Blu-ray Collection

Bond 50 – A 22 Film Blu-ray Collection

With the latest installment of the Bond franchise, Skyfall, doing so well in theaters, it’s no surprise that James Bond has been around for 50 years. The Bond 50 – A 22 Film Blu-ray Collection is a collection of 22 films from the days of Sean Connery to the current Bond, Daniel Craig. Nine of [...]

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Bacon Shaving Cream

J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream

That annoying daily ritual of shaving is about to get a little more satisfying…The J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream is a bacon lover’s dream. This luxurious bacon-scented shaving cream can be used on all skin types and features rich moisturizers and essential oils to ensure a smooth [...]

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Bakeball Bat

Bakeball Bat

Make baking a sport with this handy Bakeball Bat. Your pastries and cookies will be a real home run. This rolling pin shaped like a baseball bat is perfect for the sports fan that is stuck in the kitchen. It’s made of quality wood. So quality in fact that you will be tempted to take [...]

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How To Swear Around The World phrasebook

How To Swear Around The World Phrasebook

If you plan on visiting a foreign country then you best learn the important phrases, like all the swear words…Just because you’re not at your house, that doesn’t mean you should now start acting all civilized and like you give a damn The How To Swear Around The World Phrasebook makes for [...]

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Pi Christmas Stockings

Pi Christmas Stocking

GeekAlerts has shown some pretty cool Christmas stockings, like the Soft Kitty Christmas Stocking, 8-Bit Christmas Stocking and the High Heel Sequin Christmas Stockings, and the Pi Christmas Stocking is another fun one. Measuring 23 inches wide by 16 inches tall, this stocking combines two stockings into [...]

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Fred and Friends Clink Glass

Fred and Friends Clink Glass

If you get bored easily while enjoying your favorite beverage, maybe you need a glass with a game on the bottom. That’s what the Fred and Friends Clink Glass is all about. Drink up top and game on the bottom. It is made of hand-blown glass and has a rolling-ball maze in the base. The [...]

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M-16 Rifle BBQ Lighter

M-16 Novelty BBQ Lighter

Sure you could use some matches or a wimpy little lighter to light your grill, but using an M-16 is far more fun. This M-16 Novelty BBQ Lighter will get the job done in a more manly way. This fully Functional BBQ or Fireplace Lighter is 14″ long and uses re-fillable butane fluid. I love [...]

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Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack

12 Pack Beer Can Holster

When a Single Beer Holster, Six Pack Beer Belt and Wine Rack Flask-Bra won’t do, try on the 12 Pack Beer Can Holster…It can hold 12 standard sized cans, so it doesn’t have to be beer…but, come on! Carry your twelve-pack like proud papa displaying his pride and joy for all to see. [...]

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tri-fold kevlar wallet

Kevlar Tri-fold Wallet

If you think that your wallet is tough, think again. This Kevlar Tri-fold Wallet is tougher. It’s made of a kevlar/rubber blend. That means that it’s not only tough, it’s also moisture, sweat, and wear resistant. Yep, it will also last longer than your current wallet. It also won’t [...]

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Green Ninjago Costume

Green Ninjago Lloyd Costume

Dressing up as a ninja is very common on Halloween, but one of the hottest ninja costumes to be had right now is the handmade Green Ninjago Lloyd Costume. If you have a kid who’s big-time into LEGO Ninjago, chances are he (or she) will want to dress up as one of the fierce Ninjago [...]

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Fred and Friends Ouch Cutting Board

Ouch Voodoo Cutting Board

You don’t want to mess with voodoo. Well, you don’t want to be on the receiving end anyway. Whether it is a doll or in this case, a cutting board. The Ouch Voodoo Cutting Board will help you work out some aggression while preparing a meal. It’s made out of solid beechwood and comes with [...]

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