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True Utility Twistick Keychain Corkscrew

True Utility Twistick Keychain Corkscrew Review

When you need to pop open a bottle of Corona, it’s easy to be prepared. Just about every Pocket Multitool has a bottle opener, plus they’re even built-in to Caps, Sunglasses, and iPhone Cases. But if wine is your drink of choice, those bottle openers [...]

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True Utility AngleHead LED Torch Review

True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight Review

Most every flashlight shines its beam the same direction–through the front tip. Often this is fine, but sometimes it is far from ideal. We take a hands-on look at an extraordinary flashlight that shines to the side in this True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight [...]

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True Utility FrameWork Mini Review

True Utility FrameWork Mini Review

In the past we’ve reviewed quite a few products from True Utility, a company based in England that designs and manufactures high quality pocket tools. Now they sent GeekAlerts a whole range of new products, and we’re taking a hands-on look at one of them in [...]

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True Utility Clip Tool

True Utility Clip Tool Review

GeekAlerts, like many of our readers, has a weird obsession with multi-tools and survival gadgets and gear. It could be that a few of us are afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse and the Mayan prediction of the world ending in 2012, or maybe it’s just that we like cool [...]

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True Keychain Utility Key Tool

True Utility Key Tool Review

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift idea that will make any outdoorsman happy? The True Utility Key Tool is a cheap and very practical little gadget that you can have on you almost all the time. Designed to slide over a key on your keychain, you won’t even [...]

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True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash Keychain

True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash Review

Here at GeekAlerts we love gadgets that are well designed, functional, and are a good value. We’ve shown you plenty of them and we will continue to do so with the True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash. We’ve shown you some cool True Utility products in the [...]

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True Utility Portable Slim Nail Clippers

True Utility SlimClips Nail Clippers Review

GeekAlerts appreciates a good outdoor adventure probably more than most, but we also understand the importance of being prepared and so does True Utility. True Utility started out as just an idea by founder Lee Berman, and has turned into reality with over 3,000 stores [...]

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True Utility SciXors Micro Scissors

True Utility SciXors Micro Scissors Review

A while back GeekAlerts introduced you to Scixors, a tiny set of keychain scissors. Now we have our hands on a sample from True Utility, so we’re able to present this SciXors Micro Scissors Review. Measuring just 2¼ by ½ inches when closed, SciXors are indeed [...]

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Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

True Utility Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

I recently went on a trip and went through a lot of trouble when I realized that I had left my pen at home and had a ton of forms to fill out at the airport. The first few times, I just borrowed a pen from the person beside me. He eventually threw me an [...]

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True Utility Keychain Nail Clip Kit

True Utility Nail Clip Kit

We understand that not everyone can carry around Giant Swiss Army Knives with them at all times. Alternatively, there are simpler all-in-one’s that’ll help McGyver your way through some of life’s technical difficulties. There’s the Kelvin 23 Super [...]

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SciXors Micro Scissors

When it comes to keychains, some of us geeks pick ones based on their look such as Ghostbusters, Serenity, or Darth Vader, while some of us choose functional key rings such as the GPS Backtrack Homing Device, Spy Camera, or Multi-Function Keyport. The new SciXors Micro [...]

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Fire Stash keychain

Fire Stash Keyring

GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty hot keychains, but none as hot as the Fire Stash Keyring.  This keyring actually has a refillable lighter stashed inside it.  Perfect for when your lost in the woods and you need to start a fire to survive; ok that’s a little [...]

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