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TRON Headphones: Daft Punk Edition

TRON Headphones: Daft Punk Edition

These new Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY headphones, delivered together with a special surround-sound mix of the Daft Punk-engineered soundtrack, is the result of a collaboration between Monster Cable and Disney. [...]

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TRON Light Cycles

TRON Wall Climbing R/C Light Cycle

Just like the Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car and the Wall Climbing R/C Insect, this TRON: Legacy Light Cycle defines gravity and climbs both walls and ceilings. [...]

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Kisai Light Speed

Tokyoflash Light Speed USB Watch Looks TRON-ish

The famous Japanese watch company Tokyoflash has released a new timepiece in the popular Kisai series. The model is called Light Speed and there’s something TRON-ish about the design, don’t you think? [...]

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Tron USB Drive

Tron USB Flash Drive Light Cycles

These new cool USB flash drives, inspired by the redesigned light cycles vehicles in the Tron: Legacy movie, are available in two versions: 4GB Sam Flynn (Black) and 8GB Kevin Flynn (White). [...]

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