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Urawaza: Tips & Tricks From Japan

Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan

As humans, we all tend to experience some of the same problems in life for which no solution has yet been invented or put on the market. Household remedy books are nothing new and work wonders if you have them ready at the right time. Maybe we could all learn some [...]

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501 Things to do with a Zombie Book

501 Things to do with a Zombie

So you’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide and So Now You’re a Zombie, and it happens to be that you are one of the lucky ones and didn’t turn into a zombie. But the question remains, what are you going to do with yourself? A post-apocalyptic world over [...]

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The Man's Manual

The Man’s Manual

Even the manliest men sometimes find it hard being a man.  Do you think Clint Eastwood always knew how to grit his teeth and fire a six shooter?  I’m sure Blondie needed a lesson or two somewhere.  Whether you’re built like Terry Crews or McLovin, The [...]

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