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Curl Preserving Hair Clips Kit

Curl Preserving Hair Clips

One reason why I got a hair perm was because I thought that it would be a hassle-free hairstyle and low maintenance. And that was true, for the first couple of weeks or so. But after a month’s worth of shampoos, the curls started to appear limp and smoothed out to look like waves. I [...]

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ICOON Visual Dictionary

“ICOON” Visual Dictionary

The seasoned traveler knows how difficult it is to communicate with locals in a country’s tongue, especially if you’re not an expert and can’t really get the pronunciation of the words and intonations down right. But don’t let language be a barrier. Instead, you can opt to get some [...]

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Slate Coasters

Slate Coasters

GeekAlerts has shown some pretty cool coasters in the past like: The Nightmare before Christmas Wooden Coaster Set, Stargate Coasters and Rubik’s Cube Coasters.  Now with the Slate Coasters you can keep your modern and sophisticated style intact while you protect that expensive furniture and table [...]

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id America Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone Case

Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 Case

Gearheads can finally rejoice.  The perfect iPhone case is now available for them and anyone that appreciates high quality products.  The Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 Case is made from real brushed aluminum and has a suede inner lining to protect your valuable iPhone from scratches.  Available in [...]

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BikeGlow Safety Light

Bikeglow Safety Light

They call it the Bikeglow Safety Light, but you might as well call it the “Bikeglow Party Light”. Sure, you’ve got to take precautions when biking in the dark, i.e. wearing reflective clothing, using a headlight and so on. But that doesn’t mean you have to look and feel like [...]

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Doodle Watch

DIY Doodle Watch

This new wristwatch allows you to get creative and produce your very own design for it. [...]

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USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks – Now in Color

Remember those fun, cool and stylish USB flash drive cufflinks that we wrote about here at GeekAlerts a couple of months ago? Now you can get these fashionable storage accessories in three different colorful versions. [...]

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Kisai Round Trip

New Tokyoflash LED Watch: Kisai Round Trip

Tokyoflash, the famous Japanese watch importer, has announced yet another futuristic looking timepiece. The new watch is called Kisai Round Trip and it features a case and strap made of polished stainless steel, and a smoked black glass. [...]

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Crime Scene Bandages

If the Svarowski Bling Band Aid and the Bandages for the Heart both feels too bling for you, try a different approach with the Crime Scene Bandages ($4.95) from Neatoshop. Also available at Amazon.com. Each 3 3/4in. tall metal tine contains twenty-five 3 x 3/4in. bandages with sterile gauze and a free toy [...]

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Fingerprint Wedding Bands

Andrew English has come up with a nice alternative design for Wedding Bands. These beautiful pieces are hand-engraved with your partners fingerprint. Commissioned bands are delicately hand-engraved with the fingerprint of your partner and therefore completely unique to each couple. Available in 9, 14 [...]

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Thank You Fellow Bloggers!

As some of you already know, GeekAlerts was born a couple of days ago as a result of wanting an English version of my Swedish Smidigt blog. With this entry I want to thank everyone who has helped spreading the word. It really does mean a lot to me. So to Fosfor Gadgets, Coolest Gadgets, [...]

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A Closet in the Skeleton

This cool looking 20 inch upright Hero ($750) suitcase from Samsonite is designed by fashion designer Alexander McQueen. From the website: [...]

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Transformers Jewelry

Limited edition Transformers rings ($200) and necklaces ($185) that will transform the thickness of your wallet. Destron Army Ring or a Cybertron Army Ring in three available sizes. Each ring is limited to only 50 units each… Destron Army Necklace and a Cybertron Army Necklace which depict the [...]

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Mac On/Off Laptop Bag

Laptop Tasche On / Off ($106) is a nice looking laptop bag available at the German Cubeseven website. It’s made out of grey felt and has the sign of the On/Off switch for Mac laptops in yellow all over the side. (Via Mike [...]

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A Cooler Radio

The Starry AM/FM Cooler ($25) will let you stay tuned while keeping your beverage cold. The size of the bold star pattern bag is enough to hold a six-pack. Requires 4 AA batteries. Size: 8″H x 12″W x [...]

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