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Seinfeld Group Clothing Heather Gray T-Shirt

Seinfeld Group Clothing T-Shirt

Cue the Seinfeld music. This Seinfeld Group Clothing T-Shirt shows the whole gang, or more specifically, it shows off their clothing. Essentially, it’s a shirt about nothing. Surprisingly, it’s not made by Vandelay Industries. It features the clothing and the hair styles of George Costanza, [...]

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Seinfeld Clue Collector's Edition

Seinfeld Clue Collector’s Edition

What’s the deal with…Seinfeld? It was a good show about nothing. This Seinfeld Clue Collector’s Edition may not prove as funny as the show, but it should entertain diehard fans. Plus, it is about something. Find out who did it! Newman is blackmailing everyone with an embarrassing letter [...]

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Radio-Controlled Flying Bee

World’s First Radio-Controlled Flying Bee

I guess the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list needs to be updated after having read these wonderful news about the WowWee’s Radio-Controlled Flying Bee. [...]

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