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Super Graphic

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

When geeky data meets geeky info, you get Super Graphic, the visual guide to the various comic book universes that lays down comic book details with scientific-like graphs and charts. Have you ever caught yourself wondering if more zombies or humans die in The Walking Dead or how many different TV shows [...]

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App Writers Stylish Styluses

Touchscreens are way cooler than clunky keyboards but they have one major drawback – you have to touch them, and that can lead to funky, nasty screens. App Writers keep your screen clean, and a clean screen makes you forget how nasty and disgusting your fingers actually get throughout the day. [...]

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Necomimi Brain-Controlled Cat Ears

The great thing about cats is that you can know how they feel without them saying a word, which is good since cats can’t talk. The Necomimi Brain-Controlled Cat Ears provide the same luxury for you because having the ability to let words come of out of your mouth doesn’t mean you always want [...]

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7 in 1 Solar Space Fleet

7-in-1 Solar Space Fleet

Exploring space can be hard work so you want to make sure your kids have the right tools when they let their imagination run wild, and the 7-in-1 Solar Space Fleet insures that your little astronaut has everything he or she needs. This educational and entertaining space fleet includes 6 different items, [...]

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Assault and Pepper Shakers

Do you like for your food to have a little spice-packed punch? If so, the Assault and Pepper Shakers are what you need for that bit of added flavor. Meal-time can be transformed into fight-time when you have these two guys duking it out while you stuff your face. Pepper is reeling back from Salt’s [...]

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